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Kraken Crusaders Nov-2013
A utility page for a Final Fantasy XIV guild, to find members with a particular crafting skill

Project Spiral Jun-2012
A Survival Horror game, in a similar vein to the original Silent Hill games. The enemy is an unknown, and you are not well equipped to deal with them.
More details soon!

SignifiSift May-2012
My Thesis project: Not a game, as such. My Thesis was in Data Mining; Profiling attendees of conferences based on their past publications, and highlighting the events which would most interest them.

A short demo is available here

Gravity Particles Feb-2012
The experiment involved calculating gravity between a large number of particles (256x1024).
The main aim was to make it efficient, by dividing particles up into groups and calculating the forces between the average mass and position of groups, rather than between each particle.

Jurassic Attack Jun-2010
An game where you lead a team of Dinosaurs to rescue a Triceratops!